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skylar "alexander" moore
26 September

Skylar♥Moore (born and raised)
I have have many, many incoherent nicknames, and although I will answer to almost all of them, please call me Skylar. I am addicted to green tea and I probably wear too much gray for my own good. I am a semi-talented artist and a gifted writer; I study everything that irks or quirks my brow. I have a boyfriend, one Charles Justin Roberts, and love him more than anything else in this world. I listen to a wide range of music from various places in the world. Amongst the genres I like are folk, indie, techno, latin, blues, jazz, japanese rock/pop, and korean/chinese pop music. I am not afraid to say I am too silly for my own good, slightly gender confused and am prone to talking more than I should. I love dancing (even though I'm god-awful at it,) animals (even though I am allergic to furry things,) long walks by the beach (regardless of the fact the Mississippi river doesn't really have any,) and candlelight dinners at the local McDonalds (even though this has never happened to me.) I'm moody and I think in metaphor. I'm friendly, bubbly, and charismatic---I've been told I'm a good leader, from time to time. I sometimes suffer of stage fright during presentations at school. I pride myself in having the confidence to dress, act, and fancy as I so please.

Skylar♠Alexander™(the alter-ego)

Calling herself things such as an "exciting eccentric" and being labeled things such as "a rebel without a cause", Skylar Alexander, eighteen year-old Iowa native, spends most of her free time writing up chapters to stories people seem to keep reading and pretending she's worth looking at. Hell-bent on being well-known someday—and with determination aplenty—she aspires to be a best-selling author, hot-shot editor, and (eventually) owner of her own publishing house. Her interests are simplified as words, music, fashion, philosophy, nature, and people; the things that get her goat are dirty hands and having her work compared to Twilight. Occasionally illustrated as being unapproachable, Skylar really, on the contrary, loves meeting new people from all over the world and enjoys intelligent conversations amongst fellow writers. She has finished her first novel, Trick, and is working tirelessly towards making it publishing-worthy. Her other works (listed below) are updated sporadically. Recently, she starred as Link in the Legend of Zelda: Live Action Abridged Series and has a web comic, "hair of the dog", in the works.

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